Having your own business website is your next step to expanding.

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We’re here to help your business grow online. With using WordPress and WooCommerce, there’s no doubt that you’ll be the next step to making your footprint on the online consumer. More and more people are shopping online, because it’s easy and simple. We have a team of experts to provide the best support whenever you need it. We also have engineers on staff that are dedicated to your WordPress needs.


A small investment that lasts.

Congratulations on taking the first step to having your Business Website start off on the right foot! What we’re going to do here is ask you a few questions about your website that you currently have, and give you a rundown on how we can help. Don’t worry, if you don’t have a website yet, these questions are designed to help us picture the type of website you are truly looking for to represent your business and you.

Company Information

In this portion, please tell us a little about your company.

Company Name
Company Address
City & State
Zip Code
Company Phone Number
Mobile Number:
Your name:
Email Address:

What Does your Company Do?

Any Subsidiaries?
Number of Employees
Do you have an Existing Website?
Do you already own a Domain?

If someone is searching the web for your business, or products, what words or phrases do they typically search for in Google.Com?

What is it that makes your product or services unique on the market?
What makes your solutions better than your competitors?

Dig Deeper

In this next section, we will ask a few questions that will help us understand exactly what you're looking for in a website.

My site will be built to target
My Clients use my company because

I want this company website because:
To build awareness for my brandOffer a contact point for my clientsBetter Online ImageSell products and services onlineBuild customer loyaltyReach people in other languagesPromote latest products/services

I want to target clients who are:
Kids & TeensIn their 20'sIn Their 30'sIn Their 40'sIn their 50'sSenior Citizens

Design Information

We're going to dive into the Business Website Design Portion a little. Talk about a few specifics, and finish out the initial process.

Who will provide the following resources?

Stock Photography
Company Photography
Other Artwork/Illustrations
Translation Costs
Copywriting Text
Professional Logo
Graphic Design
Other Print Collateral
Font Licenses
Does your company have a logo / Established Image & Branding Guidelines?
Do you have print materials (Such as business cards or brochures) that we need to match?

Websites of your top 3 Competitors:

Website 1:
Website 2:
Website 3:
What impresses you about this website?
What impresses you about this website?
What impresses you about this website?

If you could pick 3 websites that you would love to have, which would they be?

Website 1:
Website 2:
Website 3:
What do you like about this first website?
What do you like about this second website?
What do you like about this third website?
Would you like us to update your site or would you like to be responsible for updates?
How often do you require updates?

Once we deliver your brand new website, tell us what you would like to happen:
Is there anything else you would like to tell us about how you envision your website?