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Photographers need a great proofing gallery for their clients. Our websites come with them at no additional charge.
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I’ve been using ADDWIRE for a long, long time. They have only gotten better with age. My website is super stable, easy to understand. Using ADDWIRE makes your site look pro. Speaking of “pro”, hire them! A worthy investment if you take your photography seriously.
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The best Photo Proofing management

The best proofing management

  • Watermark images with your logo
  • Password protect client galleries
  • Multiple gallery layouts and styles
I decided to go with ADDWIRE back in May of 2020. We were in the middle of a pandemic; the business wasn't looking good. I needed something to kickstart my sales, and they delivered. They gave me a beautiful website with these amazing tools, and 2 months later, I received my first non-marketed client. Meaning they found me without my advertising. Thank you, ADDWIRE, for giving me a platform to grow my business in the direction I wanted it to go!
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Click on a photo to start proofing. Click the star for photos you want to select. When you're finished, click submit proofs.

Lightroom Plugin

Automatically create and sync photo galleries from your Adobe Lightroom collections to your galleries.

Digital Downloads

Offer digital downloads of your images for free, or with payment. Have control over sizes and pricing for every image.

Social Sharing

Every Image Optimized for social sharing so clients can share images to bring more brand awareness.

Stripe Payments

Sell your digital photos securely and easy with Stripe.

Paypal Payments

You can also accept payments through PayPal for your digital sales.

Easy Pricelists

You can sell proofed images with pricelists for digital or prints.

Image Protection

Prevent visitors from right-clicking or drag to download from their phones so you can display your work without worry.

Print Fulfillment

Sell Photos with Automated Print Fulfillment! ADDWIREs proofing software is the only plugin with automatic print lab fulfillment.

No Commissions

Ship prints directly to clients with industry-leading professional print labs with zero commissions off the top.

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