Why you should use a client appointment booking on your website

Online Appointment Software: This is what you need to be successful

In Web Design by Jeremiah Wilson

If you’re one of those businesses that rely on consulting and appointment scheduling customers, you are more likely to use some sort of online appointment scheduling tool. Unless you’re using an old school appointment book and writing down each client’s dates and times – then kudos to you. Let’s talk about Online Appointment Scheduling and why this is what you need to be more successful.

1. It is fast and makes things simple!

I’m a huge fan of making things more efficient, and this is where I’m going to dive right in and say. If it makes things simple and not complicated, and it’s fast? I already love it, and I’m thinking, let’s see what it does. Online Appointment Scheduling gets rid of missing information and extra phone calls to clients and customers because it gives you the option to allow them to fill in the blanks, Which allows more time to focus on other things than going back to the client to clear up any forgotten or left out information.

2. Reduces Mistakes

When your clients book with you on your own website, it reduces mistakes because reminders are sent out to you and your clients via. Email and SMS text messages and reminders are sent out the day before, and to you and your client, so you don’t have to worry about missed appointments.

3. Low Costs

When mistakes happen, it can cost your business a ton of money. Having an online appointment scheduling option allows you to save money from lost revenue, and you can save your business hundreds of dollars every month. ADDWIRE Creative Studios Appointment scheduling software is as little as $20 per month, compared to other services at over $50 per month just for the scheduling software. The good news is; ADDWIRE’s client online appointment scheduling software can collect payments upfront with either retainer fees or full payments, whichever you’ll save money by collecting upfront.

4. Missed Appointments A Thing of the past!

Well, at least missed appointments lowered because another reason to use online customer appointment booking is that no one likes to have an appointment scheduled for any client that doesn’t show up. Missed appointments mean missed income opportunities. There’s light at the end of the tunnel here. How do you ask? Because our online appointment scheduling system will send automated reminders to your clients via email and/or SMS text messages. And guess what? This reduces the number of appointments missed, all the while increasing profits.

5. It’s easy to book

Your clients are more likely to schedule an appointment with you if you make it easy for them. Of course, you want to streamline your business and be successful as well as profitable. Your client will thank you for the ease of access by simply picking a date and time and pay upfront if you charge a retainer to secure a spot in your busy schedule.

Why not try it out?

So, you have learned a little about why using an online appointment scheduling solution could be a huge benefit for your business. Why not try it out? At ADDWIRE Creative Studio, we offer an online scheduling option with most of our Website Design Packages. Try out our Online scheduling for Photographers system. It’s quick and easy!